Re-live the success of our latest Knowledge Guild, which focussed on mental health and mindfulness in the workplace: 'Let’s Talk: It’s Time to Look After You'

Finding time for mindfulness in this chaotic modern world has never been easy, but in an effort to promote positivity and mental resilience, our second Knowledge Guild of 2017—Let’s Talk: It’s Time to Look After You - brought together some of the leading voices in mental health to share their stories, expertise and practical tips on the topic, so that we can begin to break down the stigma and finally make time to look after you. 

Our host for the night was broadcaster Joanna Gosling:

With over twenty years’ experience, Joanna Gosling is one of the best-known faces on BBC News. The presenter has broken some of the nation’s biggest news stories, from political scoops during election time, to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Juggling motherhood with her two careers as a broadcaster and an author, Joanna’s first book is a survival guide for busy women, sharing the secrets of her balancing act.  Warm, down-to-earth and personable, Joanna brought her charm and professionalism to the role of host for our showcase.


And here's who's speaking:

Bryony Gordon

One of The Telegraph’s best-loved columnists and a critically acclaimed author, Bryony Gordon has bravely penned everything from her party girl escapades to her life-long battle with depression, anxiety and OCD. The voice of the thirtysomething generation, Bryony’s candid confessions speak to a modern nation.

Opening up a dialogue to mental health as the founder of Mental Health Mates; running the marathon for the royals’ charity Heads Together; and kicking off her own podcast, Mad World, with none other than Prince Harry, Bryony is doing her bit to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and to make it okay to say.


Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, physiologist, stress management expert and sleep therapist, helps us all slow down and find a little headspace in this mad world through promoting a greater sense of energy and harmony in our modern lifestyles.

Re-balancing the equilibrium of wellbeing, Dr Nerina offers practical tips and takeaways which optimise sleep and performance, prevent burnout and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Sleep therapist for Silentnight, seminal author and founder of BUPA’s Corporate Wellbeing Solutions, Nerina’s expertise teaches the value of looking after yourself.

Clarke Carlisle

Former professional footballer and ambassador for the mental health charity, Mind, Clarke Carlisle has turned his own struggle into a force for good by speaking openly about his attempted suicide and mental health issues that have dogged most of his adult life.

Promoting a greater involvement in football clubs prioritising diversity and inclusion, Clarke has been a long-standing ambassador for the Premier League Kick It Out Campaign. The ex-Burnley and QPR star’s story shows that no one is immune to mental issues. The eloquence and honesty with which he relays his messages help to make, not only the world of football, but every workplace a safe place to speak out.

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